Percentage of goal scored per total shots by EPL key players

As a Manager of a fantasy teams, did we know who is the players that will always give good number of shot on goal in every match? and how many percent of the shots will turning into goals?

In this article we will pick 3 key players from each EPL teams based on their position of play ' Defenders, Midfielders, and Strikers. The players with the highest numbers of shots is our target.

Referring to our tables below, the first column is (Goal %). Goal % is Percentage of goal scored per total shots or we can say 'the percentage of shots converted into goals'. So if the player has higher (Goal %) means the player are better in converting chance into a goal.

The second column is (S/G) Shot Per Game. Every players has a different numbers of game started, so the best way to rank them is by using 'the number of shots per game for every players'. Player with highest shots per game will be at the top of the tables. This numbers will give us an idea on number of chances they got in each match.

Defenders - Ball Manager Malaysia
Defenders - Ball Manager Malaysia

Midfielders - Ball Manager Malaysia
Midfielders - Ball Manager Malaysia

Strikers - Ball Manager Malaysia
Strikers - Ball Manager Malaysia
Hopefully these numbers will give us some idea on who is the players to be transferred and who we should avoid.

1. Data are based on player performances from GW1 until GW22.

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  1. D.Alli, goal%-45%, S/G-2.21, games-19, goal-11, assist-2, shots-42.
    Just below KDB if added into the table.