About us

Ball Manager Malaysia
A football data management website that is powered by Blogger. Was established on 26th November 2015 to compiling football information and data.

Our Operations
  • Currently operated using free domain by Blogger.
  • Focusing on Malaysian Football.
  • Collecting football information and data, as well as fantasy football tips.
  • Currently managed by one admin( Fauzi B.M.M ).
  • Manage data systematically, analyze data, and improve the quality of data.
  • Presenting the data and the analysis of data in the most interesting ways.

Our Goal
Ball Manager Malaysia main goal is to support the development of Malaysian Football. That's what makes us have incredible passion.

We have 3 big dream as future mission.
  1. Being one of the football data management site known internationally.
  2. Being a center of reference in the field of football data management (database) in Malaysia.
  3. Giving technical supports to managers, coaches, football clubs, and football associations in the area of football data compilation, analysis, and performance improvements. 
Our Vision
Integrity, innovation, and creativity as the main core.

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