What are the main skills for each player's position? Player's position and skills table will give you simple and useful explanations about it.

Handling, Agility, Reflexes, Out of Area, Throwing
Central Defender: Tackling, Positioning, Heading
Full Back: Tackling, Positioning, Heading, Speed
Defensive Midfielder: Tackling, Positioning, Passes
Midfielder: Technique, Game Vision, Passes, Positioning
Attacking Midfielder: Technique, Game Vision, Short Passes, Dribbling
Winger: Technique, Game Vision, Crosses, Dribbling, Speed
Fast Striker: Technique, Finishing, Dribbling, Speed
Target Striker: Technique, Finishing, Heading

This table is much related to the skills and abilities table in our previous post. If you compare these two tables you will understand why these skills are important for that player position.
This table can be used as a reference to setting up your player training schedule.

All the skills in this table only the main skills only, player position abilities will be explained more in details on another article.
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