Fixtures review for teams without blank in GW26 and GW28

   If considering the worst case and all EPL teams qualify to the next round of FA Cup. Everton, Hull, Swansea, West Brom, Bournemouth and West Ham are the 6 teams that will not facing the blank gameweeks in both BGW26 and BGW28. The question is, is it worth to invest heavily in these teams and filling full fantasy squad to facing the BGW especially BGW28?

   Read this review slowly and you will get all the tips and answers. Only 3 gameweeks more before the BGW28 and we only have around 3-4 free transfers to be use before that. At this stage, every transfer are very priceless especially during the BGW. Fantasy Managers will try to filling in full squad for the blank and if one wrong transfer made, it's actually costing us another free transfer to fixing the squad. So one mistake will costing us 2 free transfers to get back the good squad after the BGW.

   So who to be chased and avoided from these team? Short term and long term? We will referring to BMM difficulty table as reference to give us clear overall view on the fixtures of these team.

Fixtures review for teams without blank in GW26 and GW28
Fixtures review for teams without blank in GW26 and GW28
We will reviewing one by one team and looking at the prospect in short-term and long-term:

Bournemouth fixture are one of the worst among these team, City, Wba, and Mu in next 3. Only 2-3 good fixtures starting BGW28. Will facing worst fixtures again after that against Liv, Che, and Spurs.
Very worst prospect for the long terms and should not invest heavily on any of their players. Maybe can get cheap bench warmer Fraser or King but maybe 2 fantasy points only if the player playing full time. If we get anyone of them for the short-term starting from bgw28, we still need to shift them out soon after that. So it's not worth the 2 free transfer investment on them.

Everton fixtures are the best among them, good chances for cleansheets against Mid, Sun, Wba, Hull. Another 2 good games coming in gameweeks 32 and 33 against Lei and Burnley at home making them the best prospect for the long-term.
The best long-term prospect, Lukaku, Barkley, Coleman, and Baines.

3 good home games in the list against Burnley, Swansea, and Middlesbrough. Could be few cleansheets.
Only one good prospect for long term. It is Jokupovic for his save points and cleansheets as the bonus. No worth defender or attacker until now, as from the history Marco Silva likes to rotating the strikers based on fitness and tactic. Normally the defenders under Marco Silva will do lots of defensive work and will get booked often.

If excluding Chelsea and Spurs from Swansea's fixtures, we will get Lei, Bur, Hull, Bou, and Mid. That's quite a good set of fixtures for the Swan.
Only attacking players are good for long-term, getting their key players Sigurdsson or Llorente is the best way to invest on them.

West Brom
No red dot on West Brom fixtures, Everton, Arsenal and Mu is quite tough for them but after that their fixtures will turn to good again. So there is good to invest in any West Brom assets short-term and long-term.
Getting the attacking defenders from them McAuley and Brunt is a must for cleansheets, goal, and assist chances. There are few attacking players like Rondon and Phillips also can be considered.

West Ham
Mix fixtures for West Ham and hard to predicting them even when they have good fixtures. Quite good fixtures starting Bgw28 if excluding Arsenal from the list.
Totally avoid their defenders because no sign of consistency yet in their back line. Look at Carroll, Antonio, and Snodgrass for BGW28 and afterward.

  On fantasy stand point, players that good for short and long term, Everton and West Brom, we can take 3 from both teams to make it 6 players, one from Hull and one from Swansea. Maybe can take one more from West Ham starting BGW28. So we only can filling in 9 players to start in BGW28.

   Now we got the answer is it worth or not to filling in full squad during BGW28. It's already good if we can get 7-9 players and if we try get more than that means we are increasing the risk. Even now when taking 3 players from both Everton and West Brom, we already taking big risk because both team will playing each other in BGW28. If we taking more players from teams that not good for long-term investments we will suffer in GW29 afterward because we need to shift them out soon.

   Hope this review will give us good tips in facing upcoming gameweeks. But please take note that this article only reviewing 6 teams without the blank, so there are 14 more teams with the blank that should also be considered. We will reviewing their fixtures in overall fixtures difficulty article after the BGW28 is confirmed and that is after FA Cup match on 18th February.

1. All data are based on latest 2016/17 season teams performances, the difficulties are calculated based on the home/away match difficulty.
2. If the font for opponent is upper case example "LIV", that's means it is a home match against Liverpool. If the font of opponent is lower case and followed by (a) example Liv(a), that's means it is an away match against Liverpool.
3. The difficulties are differentiated by the colors, Green for Easy and Red for Hard.
4. The numbers inside the box are the difficulty calculations results, that number will decide the level of difficulties.
5. The difficulty level for Easy(-2.5 to -20), Hard(2.5 to 20), the bigger the number the match will be more easy or more difficult.
6. FP=Fixtures Points, the points that explained in note no.5.
7. Legend: 3gm = 3 games, 6gm = 6 games, hgm = home games.

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