Number of Cleansheet GW1-15 2016

Reviewing the defensive performance of Teams in Malaysia Super League and Premier league. The number of 'Cleansheets' and 'Goal Conceded' by the teams from GW1 until GW15.
Super League
Cleansheets and Goal Conceded
In the Malaysia Super League, after 15 games, Felda and JDT still leading the defensive performance table. Felda United conceding 14 goals and JDT only conceding 8 goals. JDT hold the record for the team with the highest Cleansheets right now, already recording 8 Cleansheets.

Premier League
In the Premier League, only 4 teams conceding less than 20 goals, they are Negeri Sembilan, Melaka United, Kuala Lumpur and JDT 2.

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