Major FPL Mistakes to be avoid

Major FPL Mistakes by BMM
1. Dodgy captain pick
Taking to much risk when selecting captain every weeks, gamble captain pick, picking defender and defensive midfielder. The best way is to choose a reliable and proven captain each week, look for it in few fantasy football sites that done the analysis for potential captains.

2. Trigger-happy transfers
Make a panic transfer that will make own self happy, favorite player, or he perform well last week without looking at next game week fixtures difficulty. The best way is to look for suggestion on few fantasy football sites, referring to the player stats and his upcoming fixtures before making any transfer.

3. Not planning ahead
Not viewing general look of all teams fixtures. So no planning when is the best time to do transfers or using the chips( wild card, triple captain, bench boost, and all out attack). On the chips without preparation and planning. There are lots of article on when and how to used the chips and transfers.

4. Looking to far ahead
Bringing in the players with good fixtures too early. Means you bringing in players that have good fixtures in GW 4-6 but you don't bring in the players with good fixtures in upcoming GW 1-3. The best way is to focus by 3 weeks and 3 weeks.

5. Taking points hits
Taking to many hits points or in each week. If you realize that one hits points (-4) is a points that can be scored by 2 players that playing 90 minutes. And 2 hits points (-8) is almost the same as points for a defender with cleansheet or striker scoring a goal.

6. Not up to date with the injuries and suspensions news
Not referring to any latest injuries and suspensions that given by club or manager press conferences. Players that just return for training from any injury, don't mean he will play in the next match, so need to know the latest news is he fully recover and playing in next match.

7. Bringing in players by referring to only one game week
Transferring player that only for one game week mean we just refer to his upcoming one game week only. If we do that and let say he has tough game after that, so we need to transferring him out again and possibly his points in next 3 maybe 5,2,2 with total 9 points. But if we bring in players that's good in next 3 game weeks, he maybe score 4,4,4 with total 12 points and we can save the transfer and using it in more needed place.

8. Selling players not based on priority
We should sell the players based on priority, give a chance for star players in 2 or 3 weeks. Make sure you transferring out players that suffering long period injury first not the playing players that scoring 2 points.
The player priority to be transfer out:
  1. Injury long period
  2. Suspended long period
  3. Player that not playing
  4. Injury medium period
  5. Suspended more than 1 match
  6. Playing below 60 min or coming as sub in real match
  7. Injury 75% to play
  8. Suspended 1 match
  9. Playing 90 min but scoring 2 points
9. Players on bench not playing
Bring in players that will never play and put on bench will make our fantasy teams suffer in long term. Try to get bench player that playing 90 min, because some time we will need them to sub the first 11, so 2 points from the sub are important.

10. Selling star players because he get suspended for 1 match
Selling star player that only suspended for only one match is really bad idea. His buying price maybe different when you want to bring him again. Need to change our mind that he only get one game week rest because in reality he will be very fresh after coming back from one match suspension.

11. Always follow the crowd
Transferring players that with highest transferred in during that week is not always a good idea. That's maybe he is very popular during that week so many people jump to him. So be careful, the popular choice is not always the right decision.

12. Judging players performance as not good by referring to only one match
Thinking players that's playing 90 minutes as not good when scoring only 2 points in one match is not a good judgement. Checking his stats, fixtures, and playing position before making that judgment, he maybe score more when he already been sold. So the best way is to give your player 2 or 3 weeks before making any judgment.

13. Don't know is it my team scoring good points or not
Mostly new fantasy manager don't know he is scoring good, average, or bad on weekly points. When viewing the points tab on FPL, the top game week points is above 100 points and our team only scoring 50 points, we maybe thinking our team scoring bad points.
So here the weekly points and performance for reference:
  • Above 61 ~ excellent
  • 51-60 ~ good
  • 41-50 ~ average
  • 31-40 ~ low
  • below 30 ~ bad
As long as we can score average weakly points around 50-60 points that means we are good, because scoring minimum 60 points average weekly will give total above 2100 points at the end of seasons, so that points make our team has the potential to be in top 100K in world ranking. If you are lucky you can overtake the top team at any time.

14. Very expensive defense and goalkeeper
Bringing in to many expensive defenders and goalkeepers will unbalance the squad when more points are scored by strikers and midfielders. It will be big disadvantage when cannot bringing in good strikers and midfielders.

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15. Not jumping on bandwagons early enough
Not jumping to proven bandwagons that already have all the complete proven performance data and stats. Maybe because the players is not from top teams, not from favorite teams, and only from low profile teams. Maybe we all remember in 2015/16 season, J. Vardy and R. Mahrez for example, fantasy managers that bringing them early rewarded with massive advantages, the price increase and also the performance.

16. Worry to much on defender and goalkeeper
Worry to much on defender and goalkeeper will make us to focus on them, so we will losing the focus on more potentials position for fantasy points that is strikers and midfielders. The transfers that we should spend in midfielders and strikers to increase the chance of points we spend on defenders and goalkeepers that not scoring goals or get cleansheets. What a waste, so we must try to trow away this mindset and focus more on more potential positions.

17. Giving up
Giving up to early when facing one of above is very big mistake, don't giving up, because even a very professional and experience fantasy manager still making above mistakes. So keep going and learn from the mistake will make us better. Fantasy Premier League is marathon, still lots of game are coming.

All of these major mistake in Fantasy Premier League are coming from Fantasy Manager real experiences. So we compiling it all together here as a reference for our self and others fantasy managers. If we not compiling it, we will always make the same mistakes again and again.

The admin also made the No.1 mistake because not captaining Sergio Aguero in game week 1 of 2016/17 season.

What do you think? do you have other mistake that's not in this list? appreciate if you can share with us :).
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