Manchester United, Barcelona, and Real Madrid scout on Malaysia football stars?

scout on Malaysia football stars?
Manchester United, Barcelona, and Real Madrid and few of biggest football club have sent a scout on Malaysia to search talented stars for the future? There are 2 possible answers for this question, either "Scout done" or " No need". I trowing this question to grab your attention on this, we are not making any joke to this question and we should understand why the answers are "Scout done" or " No need".

Do you know that at the professional level of football, usually we used the number rating from 1 to 20 for an evaluation on abilities of footballers. Every footballer's abilities will be evaluated from 1 to 20, 20 is the highest rate and 1 is the lowest rate.

So how to rate the abilities of footballers in Malaysia?
Here the World Ranking playing important role. Let see where are Malaysia.
Rank Team
168 Cook Island
169 Samoa
170 Timor-Leste
171 Malaysia
172 Mauritius
173 Puerto Rico
174 Comoros
175 Yemen
Malaysia World Ranking on 29th February 2016 is 171. That is the reality and we must face it. Now how do we rate Malaysian footballer? as for now there are around 200 football teams are in the Fifa World Ranking. I will show you the average ability of Malaysia footballers. It is hard to write about it, but we must facing this reality and we will know how important the World Ranking is.

Footballers average rating ability:
Player rating Rank Team
20 10 Belgium, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Chile
19 20
18 30
17 40
16 50 Norway, Jamaica, Serbia, Korea Republic, Congo, Saudi Arabia
15 60
14 70
13 80
12 90
11 100 Latvia, Liberia, Mozambique, Togo, Malawi, Kyrgyzstan
10 110
9 120
8 130
7 140
6 150 New Zealand, Lesotho, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Moldova
5 160
3 180
2 190
1 200 Mongolia, Andorra, Papua New Guinea, Anguilla, Bahamas

Based on above table with current standing of  Malaysia team on the World Ranking, Malaysian footballers have been rated with average only 4 in football abilities. This is very strict? Yes, professional football team will use the World Ranking to evaluates player's abilities and they will do it strictly because they don't want to waste their money to low quality footballers.
So now i think we got the answers for the question. But there is more important thing that Malaysian Football must do to improve in football. No matter what effort it takes, Malaysia world ranking must be improved. Now, we also understand that A class friendly match is very important. If you care about Malaysian Football, do you think we should still focus on the competition that don't give us any points for the World Ranking?

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