Malaysia Super League standings previous seasons

The compilation of Malaysia Super League standings in past seasons starting from 2012. Can JDT be the champion again in 2016 and expand their records for the 3rd time in row?

Std. 2015 2014 2013 2012
1 JDT JDT LionsXII Kelantan
2 Selangor Selangor Selangor LIONSXII
3 Pahang Pahang JDT Selangor
4 Terengganu Terengganu Kelantan Perak
5 Felda United Sime Darby Pahang Terengganu
6 PDRM Kelantan ATM FA N. Sembilan
7 LionsXII Sarawak Perak PKNS FC
8 Perak LionsXII PKNS FC T-Team FC
9 Kelantan Perak Terengganu Johor FC
10 Sarawak ATM T-Team FC Felda United
11 ATM T-Team FC Felda United Sarawak
12 Sime Darby PKNS N. Sembilan Kedah
Kuala Lumpur 
note: In 2012 there are 14 teams compete.
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