The best fantasy players in the first half of season 2015/16

Below is the list for all the best players and mangers that are scoring a lot of fantasy points during the first half of season 2015/16. This list are covering all EPL players and also the Euro Scout players. The most recommended players and manager are highlighted in yellow. Players price are also included in this table, so you can easily know you have the budget for them or not.

Teams Goalkeepers Defenders Midfielders Strikers Managers
Arsenal P.Cech 6.1m N.Monreal 5.7m M.Ozil 12.1m O.Giroud 13m A.Wenger 9.5m
  L.Koscielny 6.5m A.Sanchez 13.5m    
Aston Villa          
Bournemouth A.Smith 3.4m M.Ritchie 8.6m C.Wilson 8.2m  
Chelsea     Willian 10m D.Costa 15m  
Crystal Palace Hennessey 3.8m S.Dann 4.7m Y.Cabaye 8.6m   A.Pardew 8.0m
    Y.Bolasie 9.1m    
Everton T.Howard 5.8m   R.Barkley 9m R.Lukaku 12m R.Martinez 8.5m
    G.Deulofeu 9m    
Leicester     R.Mahrez 7.5m J.Vardy 8.5m C.Ranieri 7.0m
Liverpool S.Mignolet 5.8m A.Moreno 5.8m P.Coutinho 12m C.Benteke 11m  
Manchester City J.Hart 6.5m V.Kompany 6.1m K.De Bruyne 12.1m S.Aguero 15m M.Pallegrini 10m
  A.Kolarov 5.7m R.Sterling 12.2m    
Manchester Utd De Gea 6.5m C.Smalling 5.9m J.Mata 11.4m A.Martial 10m L.Van Gaal 9.5m
Newcastle     G.Wijnaldum 7.9m Ayoze Perez 9m  
Norwich N.Redmond 8.2m
Southampton Stekelenburg 4.9m Jose Fonte 5.4m S.Mane 9.6m G.Pelle 10.7m  
    D.Tadic 9.6m    
Stoke J.Butland 4.7m G.Johnson 4.9m M.Arnautovic 8.8m Bojan 8.7m M.Hughes 7.5m
Sunderland     Y.Mvila 10.3m S.Fletcher 9m  
Swansea G.Sigurdsson 10m A.Ayew 9m
Tottenham H.Lloris 6m Alderweireld 5.4m C.Ericksen 11.4m H.Kane 12.5m M.Pochettino 9m
    B.Alli 6m    
Watford Gomes 3.2m A.Nyom 3.1m O.Ighalo 5.5m Quique Flores 5.5m
West Brom G.Myhill 3.3m C.Dowson 4.1m      
West Ham Utd A.Cresswell 4.7m D.Payet 9m S.Bilic 7.0m
C.Kouyate 4.4m
Bayern Munich M.Neuer 6.9m P.Lahm 7.0m A.Robben 13.8m Lewandowski 14.9m  
    A.Vidal 13.2m    
Real Madrid K.Navas 6.1m S.Ramos 7.2m J.Rodriguez 13.6m Ronaldo 16.0m
Marcelo 6.6m
Barcelona Bravo 6.5m G.Pique 7.3m A.Iniesta 13.7m Neymar 15.3m  
Ter Stegen 6.3m   I.Rakitic 13.5m Messi 16.0m  
Napoli Higuain 14.5m
Juventus Buffon 6.8m Chiellini 6.9m      

You can use this table for a reference to pick a player or manager.
Good luck for fantasy team in the new year 2016!!!

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