EPL Difficulty Table GW28-38

EPL Difficulty Table GW28-38 from my data sheet, before this I'm not managed to complete this table, and just manage to populate by 3 weeks only. Now it is completed from GW 28 to GW 38 and I think it is better if I can share it here. All the difficulties populated based on the home/away match difficulty and also my own opinions. I published this table here so easy for me to get back to this table even when I'm not opening my laptop. But we will keep continue to publish the difficulty by 3 weeks to give our focus on matches by weekly and also to update on any change.
  28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38
Arsenal SWA tot WBA eve WAT whm CPL sun NOR mcy AVL
Aston Villa EVE mcy TOT swa CHE BOU mun SOT wat NEW ars
Bournemouth SOT new SWA tot MCY avl LIV CHE eve WBA mun
Chelsea nor STK liv WHM avl swa MCY bou TOT sun LEI
Crystal Palace sun LIV mun LEI whm NOR ars EVE new STK sot
Everton avl WHM sun ARS mun wat SOT cpl BOU lei NOR
Leicester WBA wat NEW cpl SOT sun WHM SWA mun EVE che
Liverpool MCY cpl CHE sot TOT STK bou NEW swa WAT wba
Manchester City liv AVL nor MUN bou WBA che STK sot ARS swa
Manchester Utd WAT wba CPL mcy EVE tot AVL whm LEI nor BOU
Newcastle stk BOU lei SUN nor sot SWA liv CPL avl TOT
Norwich CHE swa MCY wba NEW cpl SUN WAT ars MUN eve
Southampton bou SUN stk LIV lei NEW eve avl MCY tot CPL
Tottenham whm ARS avl BOU liv MUN stk WBA che SOT new
Stoke NEW che SOT wat SWA liv TOT mcy SUN cpl WHM
Sunderland CPL sot EVE new WBA LEI nor ARS stk CHE wat
Swansea ars NOR bou AVL stk CHE new lei LIV whm MCY
Watford mun LEI whm STK ars EVE wba nor AVL liv SUN
West Bromwich lei MUN ars NOR sun mcy WAT tot WHM bou LIV
West Ham United TOT eve WAT che CPL ARS lei MUN wba SWA stk
1. Postponed and rearranged matches for Liverpool vs Everton, and Newcastle vs Man. City are not included.
2. The uppercase words are for the home game.
3. Any change will be updated on the '3 weeks difficulty articles/EPL gameweek difficulty' that will be published on monthly basis.
4. Legend:
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