This is the second article about player experience. In the first article we already explain to you about the effect of low in experience. In this article we will explains more about other level of experience “Excellent, Formidable, & World Class”. The explanations will be divided to Player Performance, and Player Skill & Abilities.
 Player Performance - At excellent level of experience, player will perform better against weaker opposition than the stronger opposition. This means the player still prompt to make more mistakes against stronger opposition but fewer mistakes against weaker opposition.
 Player Skill & Abilities – An excellent level player still not plays at his full ability and skills. There are still some inconsistencies during using his skills and rarely using his full ability. If his skills is 20, he will be using around 18-19.
 Player Performance – Formidable player will perform very well in every match they play. They rarely make mistakes.
 Player Skill & Abilities – Formidable player is perfect player that will try to plays at his full skills.
If ‘formidable’ player is already a perfect player that will perform very well and using his 100% abilities, so what is ‘World Class’ player? Do we need World class players?

Of cause, we need ‘World Class’ player and I will explain to you how perfect they are.
World Class
 Player Performance – World Class player is very perfect player that will always perform perfectly and sometime above the perfect level of performance or I can say super perfect. At super perfect performance there are almost no mistakes they will do.
 Player Skill & Abilities – This is the most interesting info. World Class player will always play with his full skills & abilities and sometime above his full skills & abilities. Above his full skills & abilities means, if his Shooting skill is at 19 and Technique is at 18, there will be 1 point added to his skills. When he performing well, his Shooting skill will be at 20 and his Technique will be 19. Now we understand that World Class player is a perfect player with 1 point added to all his skills.
Please take a note that not only experience affecting player performance. The fitness & stamina, and player skills also give the effect to their performance. It will be discussed in another article.

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