BMM Annual Report - First Year

Annual report for Ball Manager Malaysia from 26th Nov 2015 until 31st Dec 2016. We will reviewing BMM's performance in details. It will be useful for BMM's improvement planning and also for our visitors and partners. This report will contain 3 categories:

A) Analytics and Contents
B) Improvements and Events
C) Finance
D) Conclusions and Basic Planning for next year


1. Audience Overview
  • Total Pageviews : 25,079
  • Total Sessions : 8,350
  • Total Users : 4,485
  • Returning Visitors : 46.3%
  • New Visitors : 53.71%
BMM Audience Overview
BMM Audience Overview from 26th Nov 2015 until 31st Dec 2016

2. Top 12 Visitors by Country and City
  • Highest by Country : Malaysia 5,322
BMM visitors by country
BMM visitors by country from 26th Nov 2015 until 31st Dec 2016
  • Highest by City : Kuala Lumpur 2,937
BMM visitors by city
BMM visitors by city from 26th Nov 2015 until 31st Dec 2016

3. Active Users
  • Highest Active Users in 1 day : 67 active users in August 31, 2016
BMM active users
BMM active users from 26th Nov 2015 until 31st Dec 2016

4. Device Category and Top Traffic Referred Through Social Media
BMM Device and Social Media
BMM Device and Social Media

BMM Most popular content by Page Title
Most popular content by Page Title


List of improvements and events we have done in 2016:

  1. Malaysia League Fantasy Competition : BMM Non Token League.
  2. Creating Google + profile Fauzi BMM and Google Community + Bolasepak Malaysia.
  3. Creating Facebook Page Ball Manager Malaysia.
  4. Auto-share all contents to Google + and Facebook Page(190 likes).
  5. Completing the compilations of Players and Teams data for Malaysia Super League and Premier League 2016.
  6. Launching Mobile Friendly version for BMM website.
  7. Launching the first homepage for BMM website.


Even BMM websites is free site to all users and we providing all services/articles for free and not for profit, there is still some cash flow is moving. So BMM must stay transparent because Integrity is one of BMM's main vision.

1. Incomes

Sales and provision of services/products:




Total: None

2. Expenses

Operation Costs:
   a. Purchase and Service Costs
       a1) Operating server(blogger) : Free
   b. Wages and Bonus
       b1) Part-time Admin(1) : No Payment
   c. Internet and Data
       c1) 1 year(12x4xRM5.00) : RM 240.00


   a. Competition prize
      a1) BMM Non-Token League RM 50.00


Total: RM 290.00

3. Annual Financial Summary
Total Incomes : None
Total Expenses : RM 290.00
Tax : None
Balance : - RM 290.00

4. Estimated Value for BMM website
On 9th Jan 2017 : $311 or RM1,391.10

Estimated Value for BMM website
Estimated Value for BMM website

1. Conclusions
As the only admin for BMM, myself Fauzi BMM will try to make some conclusions. For Analytics and Contents, I'm very happy with the respond given by the visitors to all the articles. The analytics data showing that BMM's contents are relevant and interesting.

25K visitors for the first year is quite high for data management website like BMM. Returning visitors 46% and new visitors above 53% showing that the number of visitors could be increase more than 50% next year.

Almost 60% visitors are coming from Facebook and for that I would like to say Thank You So Much to all the visitors and admins from Malaysia Fantasy Football Facebook Communities/Groups(Allstars Fantasy Football, SK League, Kaki Fantasy Football, MEFC, TRIDOS, and others) for all the supports and interactive competitions in Facebook.

Don't to forget to all my Premier Elite teammates for any type of help and support given to this website. All PE members (Stylomilo FC, Pynes United, JB Football King, Lab Rats FC, Los Bustardos, Optimus Prime, and Ganu A.Star) have contributes a lot in sharing information and fantasy football tips and also creating good teamwork to form an excellent team.

For improvements and events, there are lots of improvements done for website setting and one major event/competition done.

Lastly for the finances, Thanks to my wife(also the key person behind BMM) for all help in answering question on any financial related thing. For overall BMM cash flow, the priority is to keep the operating cost as low as possible without disturbing the operation and keep improving.

2. Basic Planning for Next year

For the second year of BMM, we will keep the same momentum and publishing the articles as usual. Keep focusing to achieving our main mission and keep growing as a free football data management website in Malaysia. We enjoying 'BMM Non-Token League competition' for Malaysia League last year and will try to create another interesting competition for our visitors and fantasy managers. There is also some planning to generate some income to cover some of the operating cost, providing more prize for competition, and maybe payments to the content's contributor and the support's team.

That's all for the first BMM's Annual report. Thank you.

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