EPL Boxing Day Tips: Time to grab the best prospects

   Did you know that we will facing EPL Boxing Days in December? If yes, you are good. If you don't know, you are good too because you are reading the correct article. We will reviewing the fixtures in more details with few potential prospects and strategies to facing the boxing days.

   This weekend we will facing game week 13, after that during month of December we will have 6 game weeks. If including the game week 20 in the second January, we have total combining 7 game weeks. So from 7 game weeks if we projecting the points to get a minimum 50 points per week, we will have 350 points from one month.

   A lots of points to be grab in only one month, during the normal month we only had 3 game weeks per month. So we need a good plan and understand what the coaches will do during this busy period, rotating some of the key players for sure. If the coaches do the rotations for the key players, than we as Fantasy Managers will losing points. So the first strategy is to reducing the number of players that are on the risk for rotations in our fantasy team.

Why the coaches rotating the players? There are few reasons:
  1. The fitness of key players don't get recovered on time because the gap between the game week are too short.
  2. Big squad or many good replacements are available if the key players can't playing.
  3. Participation in other competitions than EPL(Champions League, Europa League, and others).
   So we can conclude that the big team with big squad are likely to do rotations for their key players and small team with a small squad are rarely to do rotations for their key players. Other than that, we also need to pay extra attention or minimize the number of players with low fitness and also participate in other competitions than EPL.

   It also good if we have all playing players in our substitutions bench during this busy period to covering the first 11 players. To looking for the best prospects, as usual we will referring to the difficulty table that already complete with the team performance calculations and fixture comparisons.

   The "Attacking" performances are related to the ability of team to score goals in home or away games. The "Defending" performances are related to the ability of team to avoid conceding goals in home or away games. For better understanding "Attacking" is goals scored(GS) home and away games, and "Defending" is goals against(GA) or goal conceded(GC) home and away games.

   Lets take a look at the best prospects for next fixtures and also during the boxing days. For the boxing days potential points, it will be calculated starting from game week 15 until game week 20. The numbers on the right side of the difficulty table is very important numbers to differentiating the potential between the team. Look at it and you can see the different in the next 3 games, 6 games, and during boxing days.


Legend: 3gm = 3 games, 6gm = 6 games, hgm = home games, Bxgd = Boxing days,
Example: -40 the bigger the number the bigger potential for that team

Top 5 teams:
EPL Boxing day, Best Attacking
EPL Boxing day, Best Attacking Potential
These are 5 teams with the best attacking performances and their ability to scoring goals in the last 12 games showing that they have potential to keep scoring in the next 6 fixtures. So the best players from these 5 teams should be our main target. We will list down few option.
  1. Arsenal : Sanchez, Ozil, Walcott
  2. Chelsea : Hazard, Costa, Pedro
  3. Liverpool : Coutinho, Firmino, Mane
  4. Manchester City : Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne
  5. Spurs : Kane, C. Erikson, H. Min Son
 Decent teams:
EPL Boxing day, Decent Attacking Potential
EPL Boxing day, Decent Attacking Potential
These teams have decent attacking prospect, their fixtures are mix with the medium hard and tough games, but still they have good potential to scoring goals.
  1. Burnley : Sam Vokes
  2. Palace : Benteke, W. Zaha
  3. Man. United : Ibrahimovic, Mata
  4. Southampton : Austin, Tadic
  5. Watford : Deeney, Capoue
  6. West Brom : Rondon, Phillips
  7. West Ham : Payet, Antonio


Legend: 3gm = 3 games, 6gm = 6 games, hgm = home games, Bxgd = Boxing days,
Example: -40 the bigger the number the bigger potential for that team
 In defending prospect we will get the list of teams with the best defensive performances. So here when calculated with their fixtures, we will know the teams with the highest potential for cleansheets after comparing with all 20 EPL teams.

Top 5 teams:
EPL Boxing day, Best defending potential
EPL Boxing day, Best defending potential

These 5 teams are the best performer in defending, they conceding less goals comparing with other 20 teams. If your premium defenders are not from these teams, better plan to get them in your fantasy team soon.
  1. Chelsea : Azpilicueta, Alonso
  2. Liverpool : Clyne, Lovren
  3. Manchester City : Otamendi, Stones
  4. Southampton : Van Dijk, Cedric
  5. Spurs : Walker, D. Rose
Decent teams:
EPL Boxing day, Decent defending potential
EPL Boxing day, Decent defending potential
These teams have a mix fixtures with medium hard and tough games. make sure you know how to rotating them to get the maximum points.
  1. Arsenal : Monreal, Koscielny
  2. Leicester : Fuchs, Morgan
  3. Man. United : Blind, Smalling
  4. Middlesbrough : Friend, Gibson
  5. West Brom : McAuley, Dawson
That all, all above teams are the best from total 20 teams, and we should look at their assets for next busy period of boxing days. Like us on our facebook page and be the first to receiving notification for the next article. Good luck and have a save days.
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1. In this article we give you the best prospect for next 6 game weeks and during the boxing days.
2. Legend: 3gm = 3 games, 6gm = 6 games, hgm = home games, Bxgd = Boxing days,
3. Example: -40 the bigger the number the bigger potential for that team

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