GW15 Team of the week

GW15 Team of the week for Malaysia Super League and Malaysia Premier League, click on the images to view the details.

Forkey Doe | Sukaj | Bakary | Gilmar
Seok Min | Shazalee | Abdukarimov | Tudose | Zah Rahan
Fitri Omar | Safuwan | Jailton | Damion Stewart
Syed Adney | Izham Tarmizi

Pulau Penang make a positive start in the second stage of Malaysia League and 2 of Penang players get into the Team of the week. They are Jeong Seok Min and Fitri Omar. Few new foreign players that highlighted by BMM before Martins, Henrique, Sukaj and Pinto increasing the heat in Malaysia League 2016 start showing their face with good performances.

That's make the league more interesting right now and with the compact fixtures for few clubs that compete in Malaysia Cup and FA Cup. Clubs that's not rotating their line-ups well start to facing the failure because of lack in "Man Management" and "Fitness Management". You can read a very good article in "" Jadual Padat: Popov, ini yang anda mahukan.

The teams with good squad still keep good defensive performances after 15 games that published in details here Number of Cleansheet GW1-15 2016.

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