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BMM FPL Potential captain
This article will superseding our previous potential captain article. For GW3 we will using the players and teams performances data from the latest game week 1 and 2. So starting from here we will getting more strong potential captains.

Potential Captain:
These are the listing of 5 potential captains for game week 3. Please take a note that all names above are the potential captains for that week. All of them are the good captain pick, but the captain with better fixtures will be at top of the table.

S. Aguero, 13.1M
GW3 fixture: vs WHU(home)
Form: GW2 points~13, Total points~22, Points per game~11.
West Ham conceding 2 goals in the first away game against Chelsea. And with the totally different back 4, the departure of Tomkins and A. Cresswell still injured, it is not impossible for them to conceding another 2 goals when facing Manchester City.

N. Redmond, 6.1M
GW3 fixture: vs SUN(home)
Form: GW2 points~2, Total points~12, Points per game~6.
Sunderland already conceding 4 goals in 2 matches, 2 of it conceded at home when facing Middleborough. So playing away at Southampton with new defenders totally an open chance for Redmond to grab another goal or assist.

Harry Kane, 11.0M
GW3 fixture: vs LIV(home)
Form: GW2 points~5, Total points~7, Points per game~3.5.
Same as last season, quite a slow start from Harry Kane with only an assist in game week 2. But actually Spurs are in good form, 1 win and 1 draw in the last 2 weeks and no goal conceded yet at home. They will facing the shacking Liverpool defense that already conceding 5 goals in 2 away matches.

Diego Costa, 9.5M
GW3 fixture: vs BUR(home)
Form: GW2 points~5, Total points~10, Points per game~5.
It is between Costa or Hazard from Chelsea but based on what we learn during Burnley vs Liverpool in game week 2, it will be more chance for Costa to scores. Heaton already shown us that he can stop any long range effort from Liverpool midfielders, so the only way to score against Burnley is only from the close range effort.

Z. Ibrahimovic, 11.6M
GW3 fixture: vs HUL(away)
Form: GW2 points~13, Total points~22, Points per game~11.
A bit tough fixture for Mourinho squad, playing against Hull that showing excellent performances in the last 2 games, conceding only one goal from Mahrez penalty spot kick. But Z. Ibrahimovic showing us that tough fixtures are not an issue for him. In the last 2 games he only got few chances but when he got a chance, he will score a goal.

We hope you get the best captain from this review, Good Luck!

1. These table will be updated if any major change happened especially the main player transfers.
2. Players are selected based on potentials to perform well, current performances and fixtures difficulty.
3. The fixtures are auto calculated and you can refer to EPL Difficulty Table in below link.

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