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This is the 2nd article under the main topic Football Team at School Level. In the first article "Basic Football Team at The School Level" we understand how important the roles of the Manager and Coach to fulfill the team's requirements. So in this article we will understand what is needed by the team and the things that will make a complete football team.

 Complete football team:
  1. Players
  2. Coaches/Manager
  3. Physio/Medical/Doctor
  4. Pitch
  5. Training facility
  6. Incomes
  7. Expenses
  8. Matches
  9. Transportation
  10. Accommodation
  11. Safety
1. Players
How many players needed for a good football team?
During a matches minimum 11 players required for a football team. Is that enough? the answer is not.

A complete football team should at least have 1 substitute for each position. That's means we need 22 players in the squad. If we use the basic 1-4-4-2 formation, we need 2 goalkeeper, 2 right fullbacks, 2 left fullback, 4 central defender, 2 right midfielder, 2 left midfielder, 4 central midfielder, and 4 striker.
2. Coaches/Manager
At the school level, 1 coach or manager is enough but he must have balance technical abilities as mentioned below.

At the school level if we take only 1 coach to managing the squad, pick a good head coach/manager that have all the required technical abilities.
  • Tactical
  • Players Assessment and matches analysis
  • Scout
  • Physical fitness
  • Mental fitness
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Attacking techniques
  • Defensive techniques
  • Goalkeeper techniques
  • Safety
The coach or manager are core to a football teams, so he must know all mentioned above. He need to plan everything for the players especially the training schedules and also matches schedules.

3. Physio/Medical
In any football team, a medical team is a must to support the players and give the first aid treatment. First aid treatment is very important to reduce the risk of injury to become worse.

At the school level it is good to have at least 4 medical staff in one medical team during any matches. The head coach or manager should get the volunteers for the medical team. Get an approval from the school's management to get the volunteers from the school's medical club or the curriculum club.

At the professional level, specialist Physiotherapy, Medical, and Doctor are mandatory for top level football teams.

4. Pitch
The pitch should be maintained well, clear lines and good grass will improve the players performances.

At the school level the grass should not be to long because the players are prone to get injured when playing on the pitch with long grass. Planting grass on uncovered pitch and removing all stones are good steps to improving school football pitch.

At professional level, the football teams are proud if they had a good football pitch. In Malaysia we are still far away to reaching that level.

5. Training Facilities
One of the important thing for football development is training facilities because all these facilities will help the players to improved.

At the school level, the players mostly given basic training schedule by the coach. But only basic training is not enough to improve, they need more specific training and better training tools. All needed training tools must be fulfilled to supports the players growth.

At professional level good training facilities will attracting good football youngsters to join the club.

6. Incomes money...hehe. Yes we need money for a complete football team, generate money and managed it systematically will improve your football team.

So at the school level, do we need to generate money by our own?, Yes you must and learn if you never done it before, because in Malaysia we are still far behind in this criteria. In Europe and Australia a small sports or football clubs, with 10 to 15 persons only they are trained to generate money for their sport teams starting at low level schools. They never expect any sponsors at the beginning and most of them will only getting sponsors when winning any tournaments.

So what they and the coach do? They will selling club accessories like keychain, beg, jersey and even some cookies and drinks during any tournaments and also during schools sports day. All the money they get will be managed by one student or voluntary that will keeping all the records carefully. During the schools sports day their parents also give a hand to help selling any clubs accessory or preparing others thing to sell to help their children's club.

All of those will also help the students to learn about business. So in Malaysia we must step forward in managing football teams, not just waiting and do nothing to get money. If we do the same as in Europe, it will benefiting all of us, student, parents, and schools. The coach should get an approval or supporting letter from school managements about what your planning to improve club income. Write a proper letter that explaining in details all the planning and I believe the school managements will approve it.

7. Expenses
That's why we need one person to handle club finances, the person that will keeping all the records of incomes and expenses. All records must be recoded systematically, so we can managing the club expanses and managing all the money flow.

Make sure the expenses are managed carefully and should not be higher than incomes. Focus on the important thing first especially the maintenance of the players tools, training tools, pitch, medicals, matches, transportations, and accommodations.

8. Matches
Of course when we have a football team we need matches, so the coach or manager need to arranging and scheduling the matches for his team. Here the experiences of coaches are important, based on his judgments he must know what type of match needed by his players and what to achieved.

He also need to used his tactical abilities and also understanding the game and players. Don't forget that the coach must analyses the match and players or he can appointed someone to collecting all the data and stats.

The data and stats are very important to improving the tactics and players performance.

9. Transportation
It is one of the important thing that must be managed by the coach, manager, and club. Transportation must be managed carefully, because long travel will tiring the players.

Good coach, manager, and club will take care how their players are traveling even when not with the squad and when the players are coming or back to his home. Because the players are the key assets for the club.

10. Accommodation
Accommodation must be on the look especially when playing away from home. At the school level the accommodation must be arranged for an away matches depend on the travels distance.

At the professional level, the club will managing everything for his players when signing a professional contract. Not just accommodation during traveling for away match but also a house for the player's parents. So the player can focus on training and playing football.

11. Safety
Lastly the safety, it should be the first thing to think, the safety of all individuals, facilities, and assets that's make a complete football teams. All must have safety minded to help and secure the club and individual progress. So all the negative things must be taken away from the club.

Everyone in a football teams must have safety minded and always thinking about safety at any time to take care each others and club.

   That's all for now, thank you for reading these article and we hope it will benefit all the readers and we also hope it will help the development of Malaysian Football.

The writer is an amateur writer Fauzi B.M.M., writing with passion to help improving Malaysian Football.

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