Malaysia Super League Difficulty GW 1 to 6

For the first time ever, we published the Malaysia Super League Difficulty table. Difficulty table has been produced based on the difficulty of games at home and away, previous league standings, and also refers to the potential of each teams.
The difficulty divided by four categories:
Medium Hard

Team GW1 GW2 GW3 GW4 GW5 GW6
Johor DT Selangor TFC II(A) Terengganu(A) Felda Utd PDRM(A) Perak
Selangor Johor DT(A) Perak(A) Pahang(A) Sarawak Terengganu(A) Kedah
Pahang TFC II Penang(A) Selangor Terengganu Felda Utd(A) PDRM
Terengganu Penang Kedah(A) Johor DT Pahang(A) Selangor Felda Utd
Kedah Felda Utd(A) Terengganu Perak(A) Kelantan Sarawak(A) Selangor(A)
Kelantan Perak(A) PDRM Sarawak Kedah(A) Penang TFC II(A)
Sarawak PDRM(A) Felda Utd Kelantan(A)
Kedah Penang(A)
Penang Terengganu(A) Pahang PDRM(A) Perak Kelantan(A) Sarawak
Perak Kelantan Selangor Kedah Penang(A) TFC II
Johor DT(A)
Terengganu FC II Pahang(A) Johor DT Felda Utd(A)
Perak(A) Kelantan
PDRM Sarawak Kelantan(A) Penang
Johor DT Pahang(A)
Felda Utd Kedah Sarawak(A) TFC II Johor DT(A) Pahang Terengganu(A)
 Date: 13-Feb 16-Feb 26-Feb 1-Mar 11-Mar 4-Apr

Note: Difficulty for other GW will be published on another article.
Thank you.
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