Malaysian Football, will it bounce back after hit the ground?

Will Malaysian Football bounce back after hit the ground?

Will Malaysian Football bounce back after hit the ground?
Or it will never bounce and just stick to the ground, what do you think? Before we think about the answer, there is one more important question.

Are we already hit the ground in 2015? Let's review back what happened in 2015.

Malaysia December 2015 = 171 with 126 points.

Oman 6-0 Malaysia
Malaysia 0-0 Hong Kong
Malaysia 1-1 Timur-Leste
Malaysia 0-6 Palestine
Malaysia 0-0 Bangladesh
UAE 10-0 Malaysia
Malaysia 0-3 Saudi Arabia
Laos 1-3 Malaysia
Timur-Leste 0-1 Malaysia
Palestine 6-0 Malaysia
Malaysia 1-2 UAE

Total matches 11, 2 WIN, 3 DRAW, 6 LOSE

What do you think? Malaysian Football hit the ground in 2015? I think the answer is YES, if yes is the answer, it will bounce back? when? where? as one of Malaysian Football fan, I will look for it no matter what happen. I hope you will do the same too...

2016 is the correct time to bounce back? Let's review back what happened in Jan 2016.

"For seasons 2016 – 2021, a sum of RM70 million a season is guaranteed a minimum amount to be distributed amongst 4 sections"
League teams (RM21 million)
FAM (RM28 million)
League operations (RM14 million)
Referees and youth development (RM7 million)

"Expected RM20 million sponsorship for Kelantan Football Team(The Red Warriors)"
D’Herbs Holding link
"sponsorship is still in discussions with 4 teams"

"now the responsibility for youth development back to the club, not only FAM"

"U-23 team for the SEA game 2017 under Frank Bernhardt"

Lot of attention turn to the Malaysian Football in the early of 2016. I think almost all Malaysians chatting about these issues. What do you think? Malaysian Football will bounce back in 2016? If the answer is yes, there is more question we need to ask. How high do we want it to be bounced? I think we must targeting the highest target as we can. Then how much momentum do we need? Is it enough now? I think not.

We need more momentum to bounce to the highest Football level?
Yes we really need that!!! How?

1. We need all the corporation of all Malaysians from students, teacher, father & mother, schools, colleges, coaches, trainer, media, football association, club, state, corporate companies, and also all ministers.

2. We need to work together and give full support to any football development programs, and motivate every one that participated in football. Never stop to motivate no matter our national team lose.

3. We must not stop learning about the modern football. Make is as our culture. We learn and give motivation of those who learn about it.

4. We must start to compile any football data in details especially for football matches and the players performance data. Use these data for the research or analysis of our football team weaknesses and strengths.

5. Everyone must be open-minded to received any suggestions no matter from who.

6. Always plan for the improvement programs.

7. Never Stop! Never Stop! Never Stop! What? all of above 1 to 6, Please Never Stop!

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