All players have their own skills and the attributes are between 0 to the maximum of 20.
This table will give you simple explanations about the abilities of all the skills.

Handling Ball control after a save
Agility Keeper range
Reflexes Reacting
Out of Area Keeper speed
Throwing Passing
Tackling How well can tackle
Positioning How fast player back to position (Speed)
  Cut the ball, intercept
Heading Area challenge, jump
Speed Chasing, running with ball
Stamina How long can run, fitness level
Technique Ball control, speed to control/reach/receive the ball,
  First touch skill, competing to win ball
  Accuracy for shoot/pass/cross/run/dribble
Passes Passing skill, direction, accuracy
  (short, long, cross)
Game Vision Intercept, decision, reading the game tempo, judgment, creativity
Dribbling Dribble pass other player (dribble vs tackle), Trick
Finishing Shooting power
Long shoot Power, direction, accuracy

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