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Welcome to BMM Social Welfare and Charity site!

   BMM trying to giving help to those in need. So in this page, we will compiling the list of persons/families/patients that needs help. BMM don't holding any funds and donations, so if you want to help, please directly do your donations to the accounts number listed below.

   BMM will supporting these listing with more information from the participants to avoid any fraud and dishonesty. These information will be provided in specifics blog posting and will be linked to these list.

   BMM inviting all visitors and readers to be with us in giving help to all these in need. You can bookmarking this page, save the link, or snapshots this list to your mobile phone/gadget and access it at anytime.

1. SWC1 View Details
Nama : Zulkifli Bin Jaafar,48
Kategori : Sakit kronik/hilang upaya
No. Akaun: 1620 8573 5110, Maybank (Tg Salana Bt Tg Hussain- isteri)

2. SWC2 View Details
Nama : Rusyatie Binti Ismail, 49
Kategori : Sakit kronik/hilang upaya
No. Akaun: 1413 3298 7831 7743, Bank Simpanan National(BSN) Rusyatie Binti Ismail.

If you have any information and want to join the admin in preparing and updating the information in this page, please do contact us. Thank you so much for all your donations and contributions. May Allah bless all your kindness.

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