Number of Cleansheet GW1-19 2016

Malaysia Super League and Premier league reaching the final stage with only 3 game weeks remaining. In this article we will publish the Defensive Performance for all teams by focusing to the number of 'Cleansheets' and 'Goal Conceded' by the teams starting from GW1 until GW19.

Malaysia Super League
In Super League, Top 5 teams with the highest number of cleansheets are JDT, Felda, Perak, Kedah, and Kelantan. Where JDT and Felda are the best among them, conceding only
12 and 20 goals.
Defensive Performance Super League
Super League

Malaysia Premier League
In Premier League, Top 5 teams recording the highest number of cleansheets are Melaka, N.Sembilan, PKNS, JDT2, and DRB-Hicom. Melaka is the best team when conceding only 20 goals after 19 matches. Three teams sharing the same number of goals conceded are N.Sembilan, PKNS, and JDT2.

Defensive Performance Premier League
Premier League
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