BMM Mobile Friendly Version

Thank you to all visitors of Ball Manager Malaysia. Today we would like to announce that we are turning 'on' the Mobile Friendly Version for Ball Manager Malaysia to expand the experience for mobile phone and gadget users. We take this opportunity to explaining how Mobile Friendly is working and we hope all visitors will get the best experiences with it. Please read these carefully so you can understand the advantages and disadvantages.

Quicker Loading Process and Less Data Usage
For mobile friendly version the loading process are very quick, the browser will bring you directly to the latest post on the BMM blog. You will also get the best view of the texts and it will fit with your mobile gadget. So all of these will resulting less data usage because your phone and gadget will not downloading all the contents from BMM blog.

The Best Navigation
Mobile friendly will give all users the best navigation to the contents in the "HOME" drop down menu. Click on the "HOME" tab and you will get the list of contents. You also can swap the page to the right to view the previous articles.

View Web Version
At bellow of your mobile browser/page you will see the button "View Web Version", where you can turn to the Web Version at anytime.

Zoom In and Zoom Out
This is one of the disadvantage for mobile friendly users where you cannot 'zoom in' or 'zoom out'. So you need to turn to the web version to get the 'zoom in' or 'zoom out' function. Hope you don't miss judge you gadget or phone as not functioning because this function is not available in mobile version.

Effect to BMM Contents
The 'Texts' and 'Images' will give better experience to Mobile Friendly users because the mobile version will converted it to be fit with your gadget. But there is some disadvantage to articles that containing 'Tables'. BMM using lot of table and most of them are the best to be viewed in "Web Version". The mobile version cannot converting these tables to be fit with your gadget so we suggesting the users to turn to "View Web Version" to view the 'Tables', where you can 'zoom in' or 'zoom out' the tables freely.

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  1. Try to viewing the tables using landscape on your phone, if still can't than no other way, need to turning to web version.