The Most Dominant Football Skills

The most dominant football skills
What is the most dominant football skills in the modern football?

 In the real football matches? Physical? Stamina? Finishing? Dribbling? Does player's dominant skills affecting players value? We will explains all these in this article.
 Even this article is about real life football, these tips can also be used in "Ball Manager Online" to improve your fantasy team because "Ball Manager Online" is simulate as the real life football.

Back to the main topic "What is the most dominant football skills? What is the most dominant skills in the modern football? In the real football matches? Physical? Stamina? Finishing? Dribbling?"

To get the answer, we must refer back to the football position and skills article. If we count the number of skills that repeated for different player's position, we will get the number as below:

5 = Technique,
4 = Positioning,
3 = Tackling, Heading, Passes, Game Vision, Speed, Dribbling
2 = Finishing
1 = Crosses

As we can see here, Technique repeated 5 times for different player's position and Positioning repeated 4 times. Now we got the answer, Technique and Positioning are the Most Dominant Football Skills.

How can Technique and Positioning are the most dominant football skills? It will be explained below.

 This is the most important skills for football players. How the football players make the first touch on the ball when receiving the ball from passing and receiving the ball in other tough way. So the technique will help a lot on player's first touch skill. Players with high level of technique can receive any type of ball smoothly with only using the first touch on the ball. So this skills also help the players when competing to win the ball.
 If the player is low in technique the ball maybe bounce back and the player hard to win the ball. Technique also important to improve the accuracy of ball control, shooting, passing, crossing, running, and dribbling. Example of players that are high in technique are Michael Owen, Ronaldinho, Lionel Messi, and Thierry Henry. You can watch these players how they do the first touch on the ball.

 Technique not important for defensive players?

 That is not true. High in technique will improve all the defensive player's ability. The effect is the same as above, the player can win the ball easily and with only using the first touch technique the defensive player can turn the ball from dangerous situation to the safe situation. Example of defensive player that high in technique are Roberto Carlos and Carles Puyol.

 Positioning is the main skill for all defensive and offensive players. When players on defending condition, they need to know where the position they should do the zonal control and man marking. It is bad if a defender don't know where the position he should control. It is not easy to a player to master the positioning skill. He need to learn it from matches experience, tactical analysis, game vision and has good judgment ability. Players that has good positioning skill will be good in interception, cut the ball, and he will know what is the best or fastest ways to get back to his position.
 Others defensive skills, tackling, man-marking, and heading will also improve when the player are good in positioning. To do a clean and good tackles, that player must be in good position. As we know he will get more yellow and red card if he do the tackles from the back of the opposition player. Man-marking is another key skill for defender. Players that are good at man marking will know what is the most effective position to do the marking. Same as heading skill, player can do a good header if he is in good position.

 Positioning also important for the attacking player?

Yes, good attacking player should know what is the best position to received a good ball, make a running, make a dribbling, and also heading. Striker that are strong in positioning can score lot of goals by only doing tapping on the ball. He also can easily received crossing ball and do a header. Here the combination of Positioning and Technique play its role. The example of players that is good in positioning are Robin Van Persie, Javier Hernandez, and Robert Lewandowski.

Players Value
 These 2 dominant skills are very valuable for any football players. And the player that are good in these skills are very expensive. So when doing any talent scouting and searching, we must consider Technique and Positioning as the main criteria. Player that has these 2 skills should be considered as a high potential players. So be very careful before you spend a lot money to the players that is low in technique and positioning.

Skills that will be improve if the players are good in Technique and Positioning.
Ball control    
First touch    
Cut the ball    
Win the ball    

Thank you.

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