Top Head Coach - Malaysia Cup 2015

Top successful Head Coach in Malaysia Cup 2015
No Top Head Coach Team Achivement
1 MEHMET DURAKOVIC Selangor Champion
IRFAN BAKTI ABU SALIM Felda United Semifinal
Under Mehmet Durakovic as the head coach for Selangor, there is a lot of improvement on Selangor team. With a good possession football philosophy, their defensive line become more solid. Shahrom Kalam and Mohd Azrif Nasrulhaq performing very well with the other Selangor defenders Robert Cornthwaite, Bunyamin Umar, and Shazlan Alias. That's create a very good defensive unit in front of the on form goalkeeper Norazlan Razali. In the midfield Andik Vermansyah and Nazmi Faiz create a good zonal control in the midfield together with Dos Santos, Raimi Nor, and S. Veenod. Andik Vermansyah very crucial with his dribbling and run creating good ball for the strikers. Andik ability to delivering good free kick and corner also an advantage for Selangor. The youngster midfielder Nazmi Faiz become more mature and providing a lot of good trough ball and key pass.
Mehmet Durakovic always rotating his strikers and all of them performing very well when they are on the pitch. Even Guilherme De Paula is the top striker, Hazwan Bakri, Hadi Yahaya, and Afiq Azmi also providing good performance for Selangor striker.
Congratulations to the team for winning the trophy.
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