Player experience is very important in Ball Manager Fantasy. It will give a big impact on the player performance during the match and the simulation is almost the same as real life player. Your player only receives experience when playing the matches. They will receive more experience when playing in the League and Cup matches than the friendly matches.

The effect of low in experience:

Player that is low in experience will be prompt to make more mistakes during matches. All the mistakes will affect their performance. They will not playing with their full skills & attributes ability. If their passing or shooting skills is at 20, they will only using their ability at 18 and rarely reach 20.

Maximum of experience received:

Only when playing 60 minutes and above in the League & Cup matches will give your players maximum experience. No differences for your players playing 60 minutes or 90 minutes, all of them will receive 100% experience.

Penalty in experience:

 There is a penalty in experience if they play below 60 minutes. Fewer minutes they play, experience will be received also low.

We will explaining more about other level of experience in another experience article.

You can refer to our Player Experience Checker to check your player experience.

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