Player Experience Checker will help you to verify you player experience based on their age. Using this table you can see either you player are on correct experience level or not.
This will help you a lot went you want to decide which player to sell, keep, or buy based on their experience quality.

How to use Player Experience Checker?

Now look at the first column.

 The first row in the first column is the Level of Experience (Terrible, Very Bad, Bad, Low, Passable, Good, Very Good, Excellent, Formidable, & World Class). I will explain to your more about experience in other article.

 The second row is M & S, that is stand for Number of Match (0 – 10 match) & Number of Season (1st season until 13 season).

 Starting from the third row and below is the Number of Minutes (60min+, & 30min+), there are 2 rows for 60min+ and 2 rows for 30min+. 60min+ is stand for players that playing every match above 60 minutes. 30min+ is for the player that playing every match below 60 minutes. I randomly pick 30 minutes for player playing below 60 minutes to demonstrating the players that we bring in as replacement in 60 minutes (the substitutes player).

 Now we go to the column at the right side of Number of Minutes.

 This column is for the Age of Player. The ages are starting from 17 & 21 years old. 17 years old is the youngest players in this table and 21 years old is when the players start to drop in training output. I will explain more about training in other article.
 Now the key point from this table:
As you can see in the first row for players playing 60min+ “To achieve World Class experience, based on 28 matches per season, the player must started to play 60min and above as early of 17. He will achieve that around the age of 30”

Want to buy a player? This table will be useful to you. For example:
Found player on the transfer list. His skills are good at the age of 25. You go to this table and checking what is the suitable experience level for the player at the age of 25. It is excellent right? Then you compare with the player you have found. If his level of experience also at excellent level or better level, then he is a good player.
Hope you enjoy using this experience checker.

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